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Introduction What is Hastee? Hastee is a platform comprising both a user-friendly mobile app for employees and a web portal tailored for office managers. With Hastee, your employees gain the flexibility to access a portion of their earned wages or salary (ranging from 10% to 90%) before their scheduled payday. Our service operates around the clock, and transactions are swiftly processed, typically taking just seconds to reach users’ bank accounts.

In addition to financial flexibility, employees also enjoy exclusive access to personalized content aimed at enhancing their financial management skills. This content is thoughtfully provided by our partner, Nudge. We also work with other partners such as Inbest and Clevergy to bring your workers the most well-rounded financial wellbeing app possible!

Financial Wellbeing Platform | nudge Global (nudge-global.com)

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How does Hastee work? For salaried workers

Annual salary workers

1.Worker’s basic data (name, surname, email, NIN) is automatically pulled from the Birdie platform.

2.Worker annual salary is shared by the office manager (using a template provided by Hastee).

3.Hastee adds manually the salary information to the worker profile in Hastee.

4.Balance/availability is updated every night.

For contingent workers

Hourly paid workers

1.Worker’s basic data (name, surname, email, NIN) is automatically pulled from the Birdie platform.

2.Worker confirmed visits are pulled from the Birdie platform (every night).

3.Balance/availability is updated.

How to create a Care Professional’s profile and invite them to Birdie | Birdie Help Center (intercom.help)

How to upload skills and onboarding documents for a Care Professional | Birdie Help Center (intercom.help)

Home Instead – Salaried Workers Template.xlsx

Data Management What are the Pay Rate Cards and why is relevant to provide the service? To ensure your care professionals are getting allocated the right earnings, you will need to create pay rates and assign them to your care professionals. If the incorrect pay rate is assigned in a rate card, the visit could show a 0 value in Hastee.

Please note: You must set up pay rates in the Birdie Platform before your care professionals check into their scheduled visits, otherwise it will not calculate earnings and the balance shown at Hastee won’t be accurate.

How to create and assign pay rate cards
Why is the NIN number a mandatory field to be able to hire Hastee’s services? Hastee utilizes the National Insurance Number (NIN) as the primary and distinct worker identifier. This ID serves as the key means through which offices can identify their workers and process deductions for advances taken by employees in each pay cycle. How to upload skills and onboarding documents for a Care Professional | Birdie Help Center (intercom.help)
When the visits are pull from Birdie to Hastee? Hastee retrieves exclusively confirmed visits from Birdie on a nightly basis. To ensure smooth operations, we recommend that office managers regularly confirm visits at least once a week. Please be aware that visits left unconfirmed for more than 7 days will be dismissed. How to reconcile and confirm visits | Birdie Help Center (intercom.help)
How often do we syncronise data with Birdie? Every night at 3 a.m., we perform the following actions when fetching data from Birdie:

•Add new employees to our database.

•Update worker’s status (active/inactive)

•Retrieve billable visits made by your employees (covering the past 7 days)

How to create a Care Professional’s profile and invite them to Birdie | Birdie Help Center (intercom.help)
What measures is Hastee taking to comply with GDPR? Hastee has implemented and adheres to the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS) outlined in ISO 27001. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining a robust and systematic approach to protecting sensitive information and data. Any user at any given time can request for all their data to be removed from our systems by sending and email to support@hastee.com, the deletion will take place immediately.


What does Hastee need in order to provide you with its services? Setup Template: The “Setup template” is a document that Hastee will request you, the employer, to complete. It entails specifying the commencement date of your pay cycle, the end date, the cut-off date (the point after which employees cannot request salary advances to allow ample time for pay slip preparation), and the payment date. We will require you to provide this information for both your salaried and contingent workers. Set up template ENG.xlsx
Admin Portal Roles: Administrators hold access to the Hastee Admin Portal, where they can view your workers’ data along with essential information like visit records, cashouts, and balances. In addition to this, specific roles involve responsibilities such as receiving the “Deductions Report” and invoices. Considering the sensitivity of the data accessible through these roles, we kindly ask for careful consideration when selecting the Administrator. Admin Portal Roles.pdf

Admin Portal Guide

Salaried Workers Template: The “Salaried workers template” is a document that must be completed by the offices. It should include the National Insurance Number (NIN), full name, email address, and annual salary details. This is necessary because the salary information is not available in Birdie so to be able to offer our services, we must manually add this info to our database. Home Instead – Salaried Workers Template.xlsx
Direct Debit: To establish a Direct Debit, we will send you a link with straightforward instructions for you to follow. Partner: Gocardless
Pay Cycle Will the advances made by my employees be automatically deducted from their payslips? At the moment, this is not an automated process as this is not included in the scope of our integration with Birdie. However, in the future, this could be automated.

The current process works as follows – at the end of each pay cycle, we produce the “Deductions Report”, which is the document that includes all the advances that your employees have made during the pay cycle and its corresponding fees, so that you can easily apply those deductions in your employees’ payslips.

Deduction report sample