Empower your people with flexible access to pay.

The NHS has partnered with Hastee – a free financial wellbeing benefit for your employees

What is Hastee?

Hastee is a free financial wellbeing app and award-winning employee benefit offering Earned Wage Access, empowering employees to access a portion of their earned pay before payday.

We also deliver a suite of financial education & money-management tools to help people take control of their finances and make their money go further.

The result? A significant boost in financial wellbeing, morale, engagement, recruitment & retention, and productivity.

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Attract & retain NHS staff

54% average reduction in staff churn thanks to Hastee – solve NHS staff shortages and turnovers. 

Increase loyalty & productivity

81% of workers want more choice around pay – give your team this freedom. 

Improve financial wellbeing & stress

77% of Hastee users are happier at work thanks to Hastee – reduces sick days and boost wellbeing.

Reduce reliance on agencies

72% increase in shift uptake with businesses using Hastee – reduce reliance on costly agency staff.

Cashflow neutral

Hastee has zero impact on your monthly cash flow and we offer seamless payroll integration.

Positive ESG impact

Hastee and Earned Wage Access are increasingly recognised for their role in delivering ESG benefits.

The numbers speak for themselves.


of workers want more choice around pay – helps to attract great talent.


of Hastee users are happier at work since Hastee was introduced – reduces sick days.


increase in shift uptake with businesses using Hastee – reduce reliance on agency staff.


average reduction in staff churn.

What Hastee offers to your NHS workforce.

Discover our solutions to improving your staff’s financial wellbeing, all on the Hastee app.


Instant and flexible access to pay, anytime

Give your workforce the freedom to withdraw a portion of their pay before payday. 

✔️ Cashflow neutral

✔️ Seamless payroll integration 

✔️ Reduce reliance on credit and debt

Personalised financial education & coaching

Help your team master their finances and improve their financial wellbeing. 

✔️ Latest financial news 

✔️ Tailored content and coaching

✔️ Interactive modules and progress trackers

Smart money-management tools

Allow your employees to boost their income, savings, and financial health with our personalised tools.

✔️ Benefits Calculator

✔️ Financial Health Checkup

✔️ Budgeting tool

How does it work?

At Hastee, we have created a seamless onboarding process which guarantees our service can be live within a few business days.



A Company decides to work with Hastee and communicates the service to their employees.


Sign up

The employee downloads the app and activates his/her account.


Cash out

Once logged into the app, employees can see their available earned salary immediately, and can transfer the cash they need in one click. Hastee funds the advances.



On your normal payday, employees receive their salaries as usual, deducting the amount advanced by Hastee during the month.

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Julie McLellan


“We have had really positive feedback from our teams that Hastee is increasing morale and retention. I would recommend Hastee to anyone.”

Stephanie Powell

Reward Manager

Hastee has empowered our people to manage their personal finances more effectively, improving their lives inside and outside of work. Instead of requesting an advance or relying on credits cards, pay day loans or overdrafts, our staff can withdraw a portion of earned pay when they want or need a bit of extra cash.”

Dave Marchio

National Accounts Director

“The service is inexpensive, it’s a great tool for retention, and it eliminates the need for our staff to use payday lenders to fund any emergencies”

Hear from our users.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Life saver and so reliable. It also helps that when you withdraw from the app, it transfers into your bank account straight away. No waiting 🙏🏼

– Tim

This really helps me out when I need the funds. This has been a god send!

– Sarah

Helps me see how much I’ve earned each week plus allows withdrawals before pay day which is a wonderful feature when faced with an unexpected bill etc

– Kasi

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