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For your employees.

One app. Several benefits.


Earnings on Demand

Employees can instantly access a portion of their earned pay each month via our app whenever they want.

Hastee Ed.

Personalised Financial Education

Hastee offers personalised financial wellbeing content & resources specific to your worker’s needs so that your staff can better understand and manage their finances.

Hastee Discounts.

Save on the best brands

Allows your team to get rewards and cashback from their favourite high street stores, making their money go further.

Hastee Savings.

The smart way to save

Allows your team to start saving their money the moment they earn it, with savings goals to help make their money go further.

For your company.

Retain your talent and get your team motivated and more productive.

Attract and retain the best talent.

Reduce your staff churn by up to 54% by using Hastee.

Cash flow neutral.

Hastee has zero impact on your monthly cash flow and requires no intermediary bank accounts. We sit alongside your current processes helping you to avoid any additional administrative work or burden.

Positive ESG impact.

EWA and Hastee are increasingly recognised for their role in delivering ESG benefits as employers take an increasing responsibility to support the workforce’s wellbeing.

Flexible and scalable pricing model.

Our pricing is simple and transparent with the first option being of zero cost to you as a company with employees paying a £1.75 fee for each withdrawal, regardless of the amount. Companies can also choose to cover the entire cost for employees with our bespoke, fixed, monthly subscription options.

Seamless integration.

Hastee has been designed to require the minimal amount of time and resource to both set-up and run on an on-going basis.

Boost employees

Attract talent, keep them happy and make them more productive by giving them something they really value.

Less work for
payroll managers.

Avoid countless hours and piles of paperwork dealing with employees financial issues.

Hear from our clients.

Our clients love us, see why!

Neil Potts


Making ends meet in London is incredibly difficult for us all and we had been looking for a long time for a solution to this, and then we came across Hastee. It is simple and transparent, it puts our team in control of their money and it keeps them out of the grasp of extortionate short term loans. We are very happy with the service so far.

Julie McLellan


We have had really positive feedback from our teams that Hastee is increasing morale and retention of staff. We have had zero requests for salary advances, since implementing. I would recommend Hastee to anyone.

Stephanie Powell

Reward Manager

Hastee has empowered our people to manage their personal finances more effectively, improving their lives inside and outside of work. Instead of requesting an advance or relying on credits cards, pay day loans or overdrafts, our staff can withdraw a portion of earned pay when they want or need a bit of extra cash.

Trisha Raisbeck

Business Services Manager

The integration with Planday and Hastee is so easy and now we get no requests for pay advances, we are saving time on admin, helping reduce financial stress for our people and helping to attract and retain our people and increase productivity across the board.

Attract, engage and recruit the best talent.

This is the real reason why our clients love us. The numbers talk for themselves.


of workers want more choice around pay – helps to attract great talent.


of Hastee users are happier at work since Hastee was introduced – reduces sick days.


increase in shift uptake with businesses using Hastee – reduce reliance on agency staff.


average reduction in staff churn.

How does it work?

Earnings on Demand is an innovative concept that can sound very complex.

At Hastee, we have created a seamless onboarding process which guarantees our service can be live within a few business days.



A Company decides to work with Hastee and communicates the service to their employees.


Sign up

The employee downloads the app and activates his/her account.


Cash out

Once logged into the app, employees can see their available earned salary immediately, and can transfer the cash they need in one click. Hastee funds the advances.



On your normal payday, employees receive their salaries as usual, deducting the amount advanced by Hastee during the month.

Who we are.

We are proud of our history. These are the highlights of our journey so far.




Winners of the
Nesta Rapid
Recovery Challenge

Hastee is recognised as crucial to the financial recovery of those hit hardest by the COVID crisis.

Winners of the
UK Fintech


Winners of the
Digital Technology
Leaders Awards

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