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Hastee Ed, powered by nudge, helps you to better understand, better manage and make the most of your money all from within Hastee app.

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Nudge gives you personalized guidance through video, audio, podcast and written content on a range of subjects – from borrowing and insurance to investing and saving, specific to your needs.

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Allows your team to start saving their money the moment they earn it, with savings goals to help make their money go further.

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Discover all the benefits Hastee can offer to improve your staff’s financial wellbeing

Our first online-only Black Friday  

Our first online-only Black Friday  

We are all guilty of getting sucked into a sale or purchasing something we probably could’ve gone without. But in that moment of time we know it is wrong, but that rose quartz drink bottle to positively charge your water, just felt so right. At a time when many...

Tax relief and your workplace pension scheme

Tax relief and your workplace pension scheme

There are two ways you can receive tax relief on your pension contributions if you’re in a workplace pension scheme. Your employer chooses which method to use and must apply this to all staff. Here’s how tax relief works. What is tax relief? When you pay into your...

How to work out the true cost of borrowing

How to work out the true cost of borrowing

When borrowing money, don’t simply look for a loan with the lowest monthly repayment. Before you sign up, make sure you know the total cost of repaying the debt. What is the ‘true cost of borrowing’? The true cost of borrowing takes into account: The loan amount the...

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I use this app regularly, it does make things easier when I am waiting to be paid. Very easy to use and laid out very well.

– Tonny

Being able to press a button and access some of you’re earnt wages is brilliant. A few clicks and money is paid into you’re bank within 2 hours.

– Sonia

Met my immediate need when requested…. life saver! The app is very great, simple and straight forward to use!

– Pablo

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