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What impact does Hastee have on my company cash flow?

Hastee has a cash-flow neutral impact on your balance sheets. All of our advances are fully insured by Lloyds of London in order to ring-fence our individual client relationships.

Is it difficult to set-up and run Hastee?

No. Hastee has been designed to require the minimal amount of time and resource to both set-up and run on an on-going basis.

Is there any payroll risk?

No. You will pay your employees’ wages as normal, minus what we have advanced to them, so there is no risk that we cause any delay to your staff receiving their pay from you.

Are Hastee FCA regulated?

No, we are not. The FCA regulate consumer credit, therefore loans. Hastee doesn’t provide loans, it is access to earned pay.

How can Hastee improve productivity?

By offering Hastee companies profit from improved recruitment, employee engagement and better retention of their staff.

How secure is my data?

We use bank-level encryption to secure your data.

Is there any financial risk?

None at all. We receive your funds at the point of normal payroll (after we have paid your staff in advance), therefore we do not hold either employee or company funds.

What happens with tax, NI and sick pay?

There is no change to your process; the funds advanced by Hastee are deducted from that pay period’s salary along with tax, NI and any other adjustments as part of your normal payroll process.

How much can workers cash out?

During the onboarding process, you will decide the percentage level of the gross salary that you want your workers to have access to.

How to add/suspend workers?

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Getting Started

How Hastee works?

We’ve done the hard work so it’s simple for you to use; whether you’re a salaried, shift or contract worker, Hastee calculates your earnings as you work so you can withdraw your pay on demand, when you need.

Is this a loan?

No. We only give you access to the pay you have earned in your current payroll cycle – it’s your pay and Hastee enables you to get access to that immediately, so no more waiting for payday.

How do I sign up for a Hastee Account?

We need your employer to be registered with Hastee. Once your company has partnered with us, you will receive an invitation emailwith a unique sign-up code. Download the app, enter the code, and in a few steps, you will have access to the app. You will normally see a balance 24 hours after your first validated shift or workday.

How to download the APP?

Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and on the search bar type ‘Hastee.’Then select Hastee, usually the first option, and then install.

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How much can I cash out?

You can withdraw a percentage of your gross pay (usually around 50%). This percentage is defined and set by your employer. 

When can I withdraw my pay?

You can withdraw at any point in the month if you need to, as long as you have an available balance, up until the cut-off point when your employer processes payroll.

Do I have to return the money?

Hastee integrates with your employers’ systems to automatically deduct the advance from your pay, so there’s nothing for you to do.

Can I withdraw more than once?

Of course! You can withdraw as often as you want up to the amount your available balance allows.

How fast will I receive my money?

Hastee utilizes the UK banks’ Faster Payments Service, meaning your money will reach your account within 2 hours, but usually instantly.

I get a server error when cashing out

Please make sure you enter your card/bank account details correctly. If you need further assistance, please contact:

My cash out seems to be delayed

Your funds will reach your account within 2 hours, but usually instantly. Sometimes it might take a few hours depending on the financial institution. Please contact: if you don’t get it within a day.

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When will my balance appear?

Your balance will appear on the app for every approved shifts within the Hastee rules set by your employer until a cut-off point in the month. At the cut-off point, your balance will change to zero and your employer will process payroll as normal. You will not be able to withdraw after the cut-off point until the next pay cycle commences.

Why has my balance changed to zero?

Your balance will change to zero at the cut-off point so that your employer can accurately process payroll. Your balance will begin to accrue again at the start of the new cycle.

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Common Questions

How secure is my data?

We use bank-level encryption to secure your data.

What is the cut-off day?

The cut-off day is a period that allows your employer to accurately process payroll. During this period, you won’t be able to cash out or accrue any balance, meaning your Hastee balance goes to zero until the new cycle begins. The cut-off date is decided by your employer, and it is usually around 48hs.

How will any withdrawals and fees show on my payslip?

You will see the value of any withdrawals and associated fees show up as deductions from your standard pay.

How do I change my phone number or email?

For security reasons,we advise that you reach out to update your phone number or email.

How to access financial education/nudge?

Please, tap into the financial education button inside the app to set your preferences and access to premium content from Nudge. Please bear in mind that it takes around a week to complete the registration process.

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What if my employer doesn’t offer Hastee?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to access Hastee. Please refer us to yourHR department and we will get in touch and do the rest😊

What happens if I change jobs?

When you change jobs, unless your new employer also offers Hastee, you will have to ask them to offer us as a benefit. Please refer us to your new HR department and we will get in touch and do the rest. 

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