Pay smart

Hastee Pay.

Give your employees real-time access to their earned salaries anytime, anywhere, instantly.

Earnings on demand.

Your staff can instantly access a portion of their earned pay each month, via our app. Whenever they want. And don’t worry, you set the limit for withdrawals.

Simple and private.

No more explanations to line managers or arguments with the bank. With our app, your staff can have access to their wages before the end of the month.

Small fee per transaction.

Your staff can say goodbye to overdraft fees and predatory loans. We only charge just a small and transparent fee per transaction.

Fast withdrawals.

Emergencies? With Hastee your staff can access their earned wages instantly.

Transfer to any bank, any time.

Hastee can transfer employees earned funds into any bank account, from current accounts to neo-bank spending accounts.

Secure transactions.

All data and information is SSL2 encrypted and data management is compliant with the GDPR. It’s as secure as a bank.

More benefits for your employees.

Discover all the solutions Hastee can offer to improve your staff’s financial wellbeing.

Hastee Ed.

Personalised Financial Education

Hastee offers personalised financial wellbeing content & resources specific to your worker’s needs so that your staff can better understand and manage their finances.

Hastee Discounts.

Save on the best brands

Allows your team to get rewards and cashback from their favourite high street stores, making their money go further.

Hastee Savings.

The smart way to save

Allows your team to start saving their money the moment they earn it, with savings goals to help make their money go further.

How does it benefit your company?

Check out what your company has to gain with Hastee.

Hear from our users.

Don’t take our word for it!

I use this app regularly, it does make things easier when I am waiting to be paid. Very easy to use and laid out very well.

– Tonny

Being able to press a button and access some of you’re earnt wages is brilliant. A few clicks and the money is instantly paid into you’re bank account.

– Sonia

Met my immediate need when requested…. life saver! The app is very great, simple and straight forward to use!

– Pablo