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Best Ways To Save: Top Tips

Looking for tips? Here we go with a quick list of the best ways to save. Get into this way of thinking and follow these sensational saving tips for today’s savvy shopper. 

Sign up to email updates and alerts with your favourite online stores, they often offer you a discount on your first purchase or for signing up to their newsletter. If you don’t want their emails clogging up your inbox, you can always unsubscribe once you’ve received your items.


  • Liking a social media page can sometimes give you a discount too. It also keeps you informed about future sales and other price reductions. 


  • Sign up to cashback sites – simply going through these sites can give you up to 20% cashback. You may have to wait a while to get the cash but it is free money, so don’t complain! it’s just one of the thousands saving tips available. Some cashback sites have their own browser extensions Get into this way of thinking and watch your savings grow by following these sensational saving tips for today’s savvy shopper.


  • Always use a search engine to find discount codes; there are many sites which promote these, even if it’s free postage and packaging or a discount on the item, every little helps as they say: it’s just another advice which is part of our “best ways to save” list.


  • Collect rewards points particularly with retailers you use regularly. These points soon add up and you can often exchange these for days out with the family, meals at your favourite restaurant or use them against future purchases – ideal to build up for when your budget is tight.  If you don’t want to carry the loyalty cards around with you, you can always use your smartphone digital wallet or install an app that allows you to store electronic versions of all of your loyalty cards so you are never without them, all stored in one handy place.


  • Install the retailer’s app onto your phone. Often using the app can give you additional bonuses and discounts that may not appear online or instore.


  • Never buy without using a price comparison site or at least using a search engine to find out who is selling the product or service you want, cheapest. One thing to remember here: make sure you are on a genuine site, as sometimes fake copies may appear on these price checks.


  • Visit online money-saving forums, for example, https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ to find out about the latest discounts, vouchers and offers. It is one of the greatest ways to get stuff you want cheap! 



Deals are much easier to get online but for those of you who still like to visit the high street, there are still ways to save money. First of all – That’s one of the most precious saving tips – don’t forget to ask if the shop will price match if you know a cheaper online deal is available.  If not, there is nothing wrong with asking for a discount – what’s the worst that could happen?

Using these money-saving tips can help you feel good and pleased that you have paid the best price possible for something you want. But remember it is only a deal if you really need the item and can afford it.

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