There are several possible reasons why your balance may show as zero:

  1. Missed Shifts: If you are an hourly worker, It’s possible that some of the shifts you worked are not yet reflected in your Hastee account. For more information, please consult the FAQ titled “Why haven’t my shifts been updated?” 
  1. Recent Signup: If you have recently signed up, it is common for your balance to initially be zero. Please refer to the FAQ titled “When will I be able to cash out?” for further details. 
  1. Cut-off Period: Your balance might be zero if you are currently within the cut-off period. To understand more about the cut-off and its implications, we recommend reviewing the FAQ titled “What is cut-off?” 

If you need more clarification or assistance, please consult our support resources or contact us directly. Rest assured, any missed balances will be paid to you as normal on your pay day.